National Committee Duties

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The Anti-Human Trafficking National Committee shall assume  a number of duties outlined in Article 5 of the Law to Combat Trafficking in Persons No 9 of 2009, as follows:

  • Outline the general policy for the prevention of trafficking in persons, create the necessary plans for implementing it and supervising its implementation.
  • Coordinate among the official and non-official entities working on the prevention of trafficking in persons, including the necessary measures to facilitate the return of the victims and those affected by these crimes to their countries or any other country of their choice, which agrees to receive them.
  • Issue a national guide with guidelines and educational materials related to its work for publication.
  • Raise awareness among employers and persons involved in recruiting workers on matters related to the prevention of trafficking in persons, through convening conferences, seminars, training and educational programs, and other means.
  • Cooperate with all official and non-official entities to implement the necessary physical, psychological and social recovery programs for the victims and those affected by trafficking in persons crimes, and supervising sheltering them in established or accredited places for this purpose.