Summary of activities during the past few months

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Mon, 08/29/2011

In implementation of its combating TIP program, the ABA will convene a number of awareness workshops for judges and public prosecutors so that the judiciary in all governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is included. The workshops will be organized because the Law to Combat Trafficking in Persons no 9 of 2009 is a new law and is still in its early phases of implementation and thus the judicial precedence nucleus is still under establishment. Therefore, legal awareness is essential among this group of law implementers as it they are cornerstone of implementing and enacting the legal provisions.

These workshops will cover combating TIP within the international conventions and protocols in addition to shedding light on the position of the Jordanian legislator on the crime of TIP, the legal tools available to address this crime, methods of dealing with the legal concept of the crime, the elements of the crime, methods of identifying the victims and other relevant matters.

The ABA organized an awareness workshop in Irbid for the judges working in the courts of the governorates and cities located in the north of the Kingdom: Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun and Mafraq. This workshop was attended by 37 judges and public prosecutors including 6 female judges working in the Irbid governorate. These six judges were those appointed in the northern region of Jordan.

The ABA also organized two awareness workshops for the judges and public prosecutors working in southern Jordan. The first was convened on June 16 in Aqaba and was attended by the judges and prosecutors in Maan and Aqaba while the second workshop was held on June 28 and attended by the judges and prosecutors working in Kerak and Tafileh governorates.

As for raising public awareness among the various groups in society, the ABA, in cooperation with the Sisterhood is Global Institute in Jordan, organized two awareness workshops at Jordan University attended by 40 students, including 21 Law Faculty students, in addition to a workshop organized at Swaqa Correction and Rehabilitation Center. Moreover, three other workshops were organized at Jordanian correction and rehabilitation centers to raise awareness among the prison inmates on this crime which someone may have been subject to without their knowledge or without knowing the nature of this crime.

The ABA also organized in cooperation with the Sisterhood is Global Institute an awareness workshop in Aqaba for lawyers, representatives of CSOs, Public Security Directorate personal and media representatives on June 15th. Additionally, the Institute organized two awareness workshops in male correction and rehabilitation centers (Swaqa and Muwaqqar) and organized two others in female centers. An awareness session was also organized for CSOs in Mafraq on June 20, 2011. These workshops were held as part of the plan to organize a number of awareness workshops that will cover five universities in addition to workshops organized for lawyers in various parts of the Kingdom and a workshop held at the Family Protection Directorate in Amman.