Vision, Mission, and Goals

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Our Vision
Jordan free of trafficking in persons and a combatant of it at the regional and international levels.

Our Mission
Coordinate the efforts of official and non-official and CSOs; enhancing participatory work to guarantee the enactment of the Law to Combat Trafficking in Persons and its proper implementation; undertaking all measures to prosecute traffickers; provide the necessary protection to victims and those affected by TIP crimes as well as its witnesses; and improve means of international prevention and cooperation.

Our Goals
The National Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons aims to achieve the following goals:
• Work to eliminate trafficking in persons
• Guarantee the protection of victims and those affected by TIP crimes
• Harmonize legislation on combating TIP and other relevant legislation with international agreements and conventions in this regard.
• Adopt awareness, education, and training programs appropriate for each group concerned with this crime and work to implement them.
• Enact the TIP law and enhance the capacities of investigation and prosecution bodies.
• Train all workers in the TIP law enforcement agencies as well as judges and prosecutors.
• Enhance regional and international cooperation in combating TIP.