National Committee Members

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Anti-Human Trafficking National Committee:

  • Pursuant to Article 4 of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law No 9 of 2009, the national committee is chaired by the Minister of Justice. It’s members are representatives of various ministries, official entities and non-official entities working in this field. The said committee consists of: Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Secretary General of the Ministry of Labor, General Commissioner of the National Center for Human Rights,  representative of the Ministry of Social Development,  representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade,  representative of the Ministry of Health,  senior Public Security Directorate officer,  PSD Assistant Director,  Secretary General of the National Council for Family Affairs.
  • The Committee meets on the invitation of its chair once every three months and whenever necessary. The quorum for the meeting shall be the attendance of the majority of its members. Its decisions shall be taken by the majority of members in attendance. In case of a draw in votes the side with which the Committee Chair votes shall prevail.
  • The Committee Chair may invite any person of experience and specialization to attend its meetings to benefit from his opinion in matters put before it.|
  • To enable the Committee to undertake the duties it is mandated with the law granted the National Committee the power to form one or more subsidiary committees to assist the Committee in undertaking its duties, to present recommendations to it.

Subsidiary Committees of Anti-Human Trafficking National Committee :

  • Based on the powers granted to Anti-Human Trafficking National Committee stipulated in paragraph H of Article 5 of the Law to Combat Trafficking in Persons, it was agreed in the first meeting of the National Committee to form a subsidiary committee to draft a national strategy and submit it to the National Committee. It was also agreed to form a technical committee to draft Shelter Regulations, in addition to agreeing on forming a unit to combat trafficking in persons to include inspectors from the Ministry of Labor and the PSD. A consensus was reached on the need to raise awareness on TIP through organizing a media campaign for this purpose.
  • The above mentioned committees started their work after requesting nominations for the entities that will be represented in these committees. Their work was submitted to the National Committee which approved the National Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons in its meeting held on 11/2/2010. The Strategy was launched on the second of March this year under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister. The National Committee also approved the draft Shelter Regulations on 14/7/2011 which was submitted to the Bureau of Legislation and Opinion to conduct the legal procedures necessary for its passing.